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london lady home textiles factory india

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Supplier description:Customer is the king of our wonderful business. Being such a valued customer, please feel free to contact us
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For all existing & new potential trade enquiries, please contact
Lady wear enquiries:
For the beautiful & fancy lady t-shirts, Leggings & night wear, please contact
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For all Home textiles products including Table textile, Kitchen textile, Bed textile, Curtains and all others, please contact 

The idea of creating London Lady was originated above the pleasant water that crosses the beautiful London Thames Bridge.
A famous proverb says "Show your house, I will tell, who you are?" and hence our mission is to offer a range of home textile products of high quality and at competitive prices for high quality people.
We are committed to helping our customers by offering them a "fresh" assortment of designs and colors in only top quality fabric and construction. Domestically, we pride ourself in offering outstanding customer service, timely shipping and product availability.
Our clients include both retailers like department stores & chain stores. Only sales to business. Buyers, when your inquiry,Please let us know,you get the info from ,so your can get a Special Discounts.