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Teach you how to choose protective shell for iPhone 7

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Although Steve Jobs has been away from us for several years, the iPhone smart phone is still very popular, while the iPhone protective shell, iPhone protective cover are iPhone screensaver also sold on hot. But the product’s quality is uneven on market. Due to the original genuine is of high value, so on mobile phone accessories market there are many imitation brands based on original accessories. Dazzling looks and low quality make a lot of friends who want to buy a shield for their phones feel helpless. Now Cell Phone Age com will teach you how to choose iPhone 7 protective shell / iPhone 7 plus protective cover.  


There are many kinds of material to mobile phone case, what we listen to the most are probably silicone, TPU, PC material, ABS, leather and metal material. A few years ago silicone was more popular. In recent years due to more materials and technology development, many shortcomings of silicone have been dissatisfied with the user, so gradually lose the advantage. Silicone is not easy to anti-heat and poor technology, it seems lower grades, and modeling is also a single.


Now more popular mobile phone shell materials are for the PC and ABS material, PC scientific name polycarbonate, is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. PC material impact resistance, toughness is very good, transparency is also high, non-toxic, easy processing and forming. Generally in the process will be in the PC shell plating pattern or spray feel rubber oil, you can also transfer some pattern patterns, so that mobile phone protection shell looks more upscale and refined, and very beautiful. ABS material is relatively hard, pure ABS material to do the phone case rarely, heat resistance and impact resistance are not good PC material, but the ABS material in the mobility, coloring and surface coating and plating performance has great Advantage. Now there is a new process, called mold injection molding process, the current basic use of ABS plastic material, the surface of the material is PET. The advantage of this process is that the shell surface can be richer pattern, and the transfer process is similar, but more sophisticated than the transfer pattern, the details are more perfect, very strong texture, looks very tasteful.


The raw material is very good, if the work is very rubbish, it is also a failed product. Any material any process, have done a very good product and poor product, workmanship plays a pivotal role. To distinguish a good or bad product, not only depends on the material, but also look at work. Identify the exquisite workmanship or not, we need to carefully observe. First of all to carefully observe the product of the front, side and internal, many products will focus on the product on the front, the side and the inside is ignored, so the degree of sophistication is very different. The side is generally part of the mold, sub-line processing directly determines the level of the product level, if the four weeks to be very careful to see the sub-line, that the work of the product is very good, and scraping up and down with your fingernails Part of the parting line, the smaller the difference, the better the workmanship.


There are holes around, with your fingers along the outermost edge of the product slide a circle, you can feel the smooth side of the flash. Second, we must observe the glue point and the internal structure of the treatment, plastic injection are generally into the plastic mouth, silicone is not, into the mouth design of the product in the outer edge of the general is a long plastic bit, if the design in the internal, Is a point, there is a iPhone mobile phone sets, the use of zero defect design, that is, cannot find into the plastic mouth, which of course in the grade even better. Protective shell internal structure should also be carefully observed, in general, there will be inclined roof design, iphone4 / 4s is about two oblique line, there is a better internal structure solution is to use strong off the way, Looks very beautiful, but the production efficiency is low. Finally observe the lines and planes, this may require professional standards to see clues. Line processing and plane processing technology on the level of the product is very good or bad. But to be perfect is difficult, we carefully observe the time, did not find any flaw is a good product.


Style selection of a product is actually a choice of their own preferences, so each product has its own different styles and tone. Products such as mobile phone shell exist not only as a protection function in the market, what more is that phone case plays a very important role on cellphone decorations, for the owner itself to increase the temperament and charming, a fashion choice of necessities. So when making choice of protective shell products, try to show your own charm style, not limited to beautiful appearance.


Now this model of protective external battery case cover for iPhone 7 with unique shape and awesome color match becomes focus of public attention. Protective sleeve design is now generally tend to be more convenient and stylish, such as whether the opening of the fuselage fit, whether is easy to disassemble, including holding feel, Shell thinness and transparency. If the protective phone case is not suitable for your iPhone, you will certainly feel very dissatisfied. So before you choose the phone shell, be sure to observe carefully.