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A major innovation of iPad Air 2 anti-reflective touch screen

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  DisplayMate Technologies published its usual detailed analysis of Apple’s latest product releases with an in-depth review of the display technology in the new iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 displays. One of the more notable improvements in the new iPad Air 2 display is the anti-reflective coating that, according to DisplayMate, “reduces ambient light reflections by about 3:1 over most other Tablets and Smartphones (including the previous iPads), and about 2:1 over all of the very best competing Tablets and Smartphones. Why does iPad Air 2 touch screen own this innovative conception?


  To visually compare the difference for yourself, hold two Tablets or Smartphones side-by-side and turn off the displays so you just see the reflections. The iPad Air 2 is dramatically darker than any other existing Tablet or Smartphone. Those reflections are still there when you turn them on, and the brighter the ambient light the brighter the reflections. It’s a major innovation and a big deal with visually obvious benefits!


  Apart from the anti-reflective features of the new iPad Air 2 display, however, DisplayMate says the display performs identical to the iPad 4 and “slightly lower in performance” than the first-generation iPad Air. In its tests it found the iPad Air 2 display to have 8% lower Brightness and 16% lower display Power Efficiency compared to the original iPad Air. The report speculates it’s likely a result of comprises with the backlight in order to produce a thinner device. One area the display didn’t perform as well compared to the competition is for Absolute Color Accuracy, according to DisplayMate. As for the iPad mini 3, DisplayMate found it is largely unchanged from the previous generation noting that Amazon, Google, and Samsung have “excellent and significantly better mini displays” that outperform Apple’s offering:

  The iPad mini 3 still only has a 62 percent Color Gamut, plus it was denied the new enhanced anti-reflection coating and bonded cover glass of the iPad Air 2… So in addition to washed out, under saturated and distorted colors (red tomatoes, fire trucks, and Coke cans look a bit orange rather than deep red, for example) it continues with a moderately high screen Reflectance of 6.5 percent, almost triple that of its favored litter mate, which further washes out its image colors in ambient light.


  The iPad Air 2 has the best iPad screen ever made. It's laminated, getting rid of the pesky air gap between the glass surface and the actual display. When you reach out and touch icons, it feels more like you're actually touching them than ever before. And yes, there's less glare. In addition, the iPad Air 2 is the first iPad with an optically bonded cover glass – all previous iPad models had high reflectance air gaps under the cover glass – but they are simply catching up because almost all other leading Tablets have had a bonded cover glass without an air gap for years. One minor but noticeable issue is that the screen Reflectance spectrum is heavily weighted towards blue, which is may be noticeable for dark images or in bright ambient light.


  Both the iPad Air 2 and new iPad share the same 9.7in Retina display. This means both have a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution with a 264ppi pixel density. However, the iPad Air 2 one ups the new iPad by incorporating a fully laminated display and anti-reflective coating. These features are essential if you want to look at your iPad in sunlit conditions, and I’m not sure why Apple would remove this from its latest iPad.


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