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Germany handsome we will eventually lose

Submitted by lolgavip on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 02:16

Rockets today 122-122 win over NBA MT Coins the Thunder, Mike D'Antoni after the match media interview.

"We dealt with the ball today a bit careless, I want to recover the previous words, the key to winning is to reduce errors, we reduce errors in this area to do better, the scene does not look good, but our defense is really good in three and a half, We've done a good job in a lot of ways and it's not easy to beat an opponent here, "said D'Antoni.

D'Antoni goes on to say: "Chris (Paul) is incredible and we have different players to stand up at different times."

When it comes to 16 winning streaks, D'Antoni said: "It is about going on. It's not just a 16-game winning streak. It's a winning streak. We will end up losing, but it certainly will not be because we're not working hard enough. It's not because we take win as a matter of course, and our focus is not bad right now. "