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UGG is not a brand? Snow boots knowledge literacy!

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The country has officially entered the winter, especially in the South failed to begin many winter and winter signs of success! As a result, warm artifact UGG has become the hottest grab the goods ~

Often can see UGG appears in fashion blog and instagram among ▼

In this case,

but! Yes! Western Jun received a letter from an enthusiastic audience, said in a certain business platform to buy more than 100 yuan of UGG, is not the real thing ah?

Western King very seriously answer you: UGG is definitely UGG, but definitely not we want a pair of UGG!

In this case,

UGG have to say that everyone is really too deep misunderstanding of the ~

Today, with the Western King to scan the literacy, to see what is the most worth buying UGG UGG it!

丨 UGG is not the brand name 丨

First, we must clarify the point is: UGG is originated in Australia, the general name of wool snow boots, is not specifically refers to a particular brand

During World War I, Australian pilots wrapped in two sheepskin shoes into the feet to wear warm, then gradually popular in Australia, they called the shoes as "ugly sheepskin boots" (UGG boots), that is, we say UGG

So strictly speaking, all wool snow boots can be called "UGG"

In this case,

丨 UGG classification literacy 丨

Well, the problem is coming

Since all snow boots can be called "UGG", then why the Western King said at the beginning of the article enthusiastic audience to buy UGG is not what we want it?

Because now available in the market UGG, in addition to fakes, the main points of three:

1 / pure Australian hand production, simple packaging, not large-scale sales, more difficult to buy the soil Australia UGG

In this case,

2 / known as the Australian handmade, more than half of the material from Australia, low prices, only the name of "UGG" banner, but the relative reputation is not so good UGG

Above mentioned enthusiastic audience to buy is this UGG

In this case,

3 / raw materials using high-quality fur, from the design, manufacture all aspects are very fine, really big company production of the US brand UGG australia

This is the most people wear, the most well-known UGG

In this case,

We can be together with the Western-Jun calculations:

1 / UGG really the production of artificial soil, the quality is naturally Le bar drop, but because not mass production, and only Australian meat purchasing, so the price is very, very high

However, the general packaging and design of such UGG relatively simple, so the functional requirements for relatively strong, relatively few people on the design requirements

In this case,

2 / those who claim to be Australian origin, with wool liner, leather surface, but the price of around 100 yuan UGG, not to mention the Australian labor costs are several times the domestic, even domestic production of better quality leather shoes , The price is not get down

One can imagine, this "Australian origin" in the water how high, or from raw materials to save costs, or not only from the manual to save costs ▼

In this case,

3 / cost-effective, natural is the United States brand UGG australia it! Most of the basic price models are in the following 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan when the discount will be able to hand ~

The most important thing is that, while ensuring a good raw materials, quality, while they can meet the needs of the girls fashion, classic models and the new pedicure is simply not too good to read the ▼

In this case,

In this case,

But! Because UGG australia is too fire, and fake is very much, accidentally was "the original single cargo" "with the factory goods" to cheat ▼

In this case,

Here's just a look at the West Jun to a really good UGG australia is how it!

Incidentally teach you some ways to distinguish fake ~ so that we can wear genuine UGG australia!

U UGG australia literacy 丨

1 / super quality fur one sheepskin

First of all, a good pair of good UGG is the essence of its fur ▼

In this case,

UGG austrlia snow boots are excellent fur selection of sheepskin, remember sheepskin!

UGG austrlia no cowhide snow boots! Those known as cattle two layers of leather wool tube are fake ~

In this case,

Really wool into the wool is very slippery, there will be no Sese feeling, very warm to wear into, very good insulation properties!

UGG austrlia together to feel the thickness of tube within the tube, is looking very warm, the real wool texture ▼

In this case,

2 / anti-skid durable outsole

UGG austrlia with rubber soles, very durable

After 30 years of precipitation, now UGG austrlia outsole has developed a multi-functional, UGG austrlia snow boots, another value reflects the ▼

In this case,

UGG austrlia with anti-skid pattern at the end, in the rain and snow can easily walk without skidding ▼

When you buy to keep your eyes open to see the edge of the outsole grinding is uniform and the bottom line is clear, is not clear is the counterfeit goods

In this case,

3 / Exquisite detail

As mentioned above, UGG austrlia UGG native than the soil is the origin of UGG fine, every detail shows the quality of genuine big companies

Genuine UGG austrlia shoe type is straight, and will not loose

In this case,

UGG austrlia uppers uppers smooth and delicate, feel good, car line is 9 per inch needle, the margin is very uniform, the line tightness, there will be no float, broken, jump needle ▼

In this case,

Even the buttons are added to the coil, each detail reveals a durable ▼

In this case,

In fact, UGG austrlia is really worth a pair of shoes, this quality wear a few years without pressure!

丨 UGG australia with 丨

Many people say that UGG austrlia not fashionable, fashion circles, the most red IT girl, Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) and her youngest sister Kylie Jenner with strength to overthrow the rumor

UGG austrlia is simply the new IT shoes okay! ?? See how many pairs they have bought the ▼

In this case,

There are in the Olympic opening ceremony of the Ji goddess (Gisele Bündchen), super cute round face supermodel Gigi Hadid and S Queen (Blake Lively) have to wear up UGG austrlia, who would say UGG austrlia fashion it!

In this case,

Westerners like most classic brown models, short tube (left) for everyone, consciously a good proportion of the girl can challenge the tube (right), the thermal coefficient and then upgrade Oh ~

In this case,

In addition to the classic models, as well as rivets, water stations, national wind weaving a variety of styles ... ... optional, there is always a you like!

In this case,

Said so much, that the most authentic authentic UGG australia where you can buy it? Of course, our Western exchange it!

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