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Why We Forget and Three Important Things We Can Do About It!

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No article on brain and memory Apx Mastermind Brain improvement would be complete without mention of another kind of exercise - mental gymnastics! These actually encourage new growth in your brains which means that new cells are connecting to areas where they have never been before. These new networks allow you to enlarge and dramatically improve your memory capacity. Pick up that crossword or anagram in the newspaper and have a go at it everyday. You will be doing your brain and memory a HUGE favour. Playing memory card games are actually not just fun; it also helps boost the memory of its players. Everyone can play this card game since the rules are simple, and you might be quite surprised to find the younger players turn out to be better than you are when it comes to memory card games.

The rule of the game is fairly simple: you just need to look for a pair of identical cards out of a set of cards faced upside down. You can only choose 2 cards at a time, and if they are not the right pair, you need to put them back to their posts and let the pick his pair of card guesses. Once you get an identical pair, you can keep them and you still get another turn to find another identical pair. The game ends when all of the identical card pairs have been found, and the player with the most number of card pairs collected wins the game. To start your own memory card game, you need to have a deck of cards first, and one to six players. the lesser the players, the longer the game might last, while having more players means a more challenging game, since there are six minds who are looking for the same pairs of cards. Memory card games can also be customized to make things more challenging and enjoyable. You can add more cards to accommodate more players or to make the game last much longer. The point system can also be changed, or you can even add some punishments for the losers to make the game more exciting. Have you noticed how many colleges are offering courses On-Line? E-Learning enrollment is up to six million annually in the U.S. Harvard, MIT, and commercial schools like the University of Phoenix want students who will enter their campus exclusively through computers. Did you notice that the number of students attending the 1,500 American Community Colleges is six million annually, and growing? President Obama is awarding them $12 billion to extend their facilities for 2010-2020.