An Unforgettable Trip to Pattaya

Nowruz's wave of travel abroad will soon be reached and in Nowruz 97 we can see many trips from Iranian tourists to East Asia, especially Thailand, a country that has been unimaginably appreciated by Iranians over the past few years; So, if you travel to this island at any time of the year, you can see a great deal of Iranian tourists visiting different cities of this country, especially Pattaya and Phuket. No doubt, it must be admitted that Nowruz is the perfect time to travel to Pattaya.

Undoubtedly, Pattaya is a familiar name for you! During the past years, Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok have always been considered as the three most popular destinations for Iranians. In the days of Nowruz, these three cities were packed with tourists from different parts of our country; however, Bali tours or Singapore tours along with Thailand tours They have enjoyed great popularity. Pattaya, which is one of Thailand's finest coastal cities, is located in the eastern part of Thailand's Thai Gulf, 165 kilometers from the Thai capital Bangkok, so if you are in Bangkok, you will only be in a 2.5 hour car with a private car. You can bring yourself to Pattaya.

Due to the fact that Pattaya is a relatively small city, there is no separate airport; therefore, the closest way is to travel to Pattaya through the same Bangkok city and Bangkok International Airport. One of the prominent features that made Pattaya tour attractive to us for Iranians is its convenient cost compared to European tours and special East Asian tours to destinations such as Bali, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Of course, the U-tapao airport is located about 30 kilometers south of Pattaya, but given the limited number of passenger and even commercial flights to the airport, it is very unlikely that you will find a flight to this airport; if you want to Compare the airport with one of our domestic airports, maybe the airport in the Alborz province is the best example!

It is worth noting that there are various kinds of water and non-water attractions in Thailand, various historical and natural tourist attractions, convenient and affordable hotels and accommodations, and of course many shopping malls, all of which have led to Travel to Pattaya in the Land of Smiles, Thailand, as one of the most sought after options for Iranian tourists for Norouz and summer holidays.
Appropriate accommodation

As we said earlier, there are many hotels and resorts in Pattaya that are affordable, along with affordable quality and affordable amenities; in fact, the prices of Pattaya hotels are much cheaper than other Thai hotels!

You can also stay in Thai luxury hotels or small, but affordable suites, depending on your expectations and the costs you are considering. Another thing to be said about these hotels is that the great tourist traffic to Pattaya has created an attractive competition between the owners of these hotels to attract tourists, so that some of these hotels despite the high quality of providing services and services Maybe your expenses can be reduced significantly in some years, so that it may even surprise you!

Also keep in mind that if you plan to make a cheap trip to Pattaya on your vacation program, it's not a good time for you between the months of November to March and especially during Christmas celebrations! Among the most famous hotels in Pattaya, which are more expensive than other hotels in the city, one can mention the following:

    Royal Cliff Beach Hotel
    Hotel Centara Grand Mirage
    Sheraton Hotel
    Pullman Jay Hotel
    Hotel Amiens Ozen

Delicious dishes at an affordable price

Perhaps the Thai tastes are not very much in keeping with our taste in Iran, but among traditional Thai foods, there are foods that will surely try your taste, too. In the corners of the streets of Pattaya, in addition to the famous and luxurious restaurants, there are several mobile booths and kitchens that we recommend to have some meals in this coastal city; it is also worth mentioning that the dishes of this booth Compared to Pattaya restaurants, they are also much cheaper.

It's not bad to know some of the delicious and famous Pattaya foods:

    Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken and Peanut Feed)
    Gaeng Daeng (Gaiong Daeng)
    Kai yang (Kai Yang)
    Khao Pad (fried rice and shrimp)

It is undeniable that some will give Thailand the title of the most delicious Oriental dishes!
tourism attraction

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons for traveling by tourists and tourists to different parts of the world is to visit the tourist attractions of the area. There are also many museums, temples, and attractions in Thailand, where you can enjoy the pleasure of traveling to this city. The most important tourist attractions of Pattaya, which we offer you to visit, are as follows:

    Silverlight: The Silverlake, also known as the Silver Lake, is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in Pattaya outside the Pattaya city and near Mount Buddha.
    One-Day Tours: In Pattaya, there are one-day, fascinating tours such as the RBB, which will surely appeal to you by examining them; the RBB is the name of a famous Thai cycling tour.

    Farm Elephants: One of the many animals in Thailand is Elephant! Go to the elephant's farm and watch this in addition


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