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Running to Lose Weight - Sprints Or Long Distance Running?

Submitted by SamSanjana on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 10:02

If you're overweight and/or out of My Cellulite Solution Review shape when you start a running program don't just dive in at full speed. You'll be so sore you'll lose your motivation and you have a good chance of injuring yourself. Start walking fast if you can't run. Or do interval training when you alternate between slow jogging and walking.

Whatever you feel you can do without pushing yourself to hard yet. You'll get better if you keep at it I promise you. In fact, if you start out really out of shape, you'll probably progress much faster than you think. By doing it slowly but surely, you'll keeping making progress for a long time, feeling better, getting better, and with that momentum you'll be unstoppable!

At a higher level of fitness, interval training is good preparation to sprint workouts - probably the best form of running to lose weight yet gain muscle at the same time. Why do I like sprints. Is it because if I'm a masochist. Hmm, maybe that's part of it. I also know that the feeling of putting out max effort is addictive.

When you're really in a zone you seem to fly by like an Ussain Bolt - even though it's an illusion, It's so hard yet so fun. Don't eat just before you do sprints though if you don't like messy situations! (hint: you don't want what's in your stomach to end up on your shoes and belly.