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Relief From Sciatica

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Submitted by emilyjacob on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 08:17

Although this disorder is mostly Proflexoral associated with people who are active in sporting activities a person who is not an athlete can also suffer from it. The plantar fasciitis as it is called is a situation whereby the ligaments that join the heel bone suddenly tear due to extra pressure applied to the ligament. The tearing of the ligaments mostly happens when one is either running or walking, and the body weight that is exerted on the heel of one foot suddenly shifts to the other which results in this extra weight that makes the ligaments develop small tears along them.

Once the tearing occurs, the patients will experience a hot sensation on the heel, as well as extreme pain, the heel may swell and appear red. The sock that is worn on the affected foot is typically rigid and has pads all over so as to make it comfortable to wear. It is only worn during the night while you sleep as it is designed to relieve the patient of any pain that they might be experiencing thus enabling them to have a good night's sleep. Eighty percent of the patients who have being using it during the night have shown tremendous improvement within the duration of just one month. The night splints maintain or keep the heel at a right angle thus refraining the foot from making any unnecessary movements while at the same time keeping the toes pointed upwards so as to stop any contraction of the plantar. This position of the foot enables the torn ligaments to heel while at the same time reducing the pain as well as discomfort felt by the patient.

The splint is made in such a way that it is able to gently stretch the plantar fascia without causing the patient any pain what so ever. Most patients who don't use the aid of the Plantar fasciitis night splints take long to heal and are prone to feel more pain in the morning because once the patient first steps down the ligaments that had began to heel overnight are torn again due to the body weight exerted on them which causes them to feel a sharp pain that is quite unbearable, but with the use of the splint sock the damage to the plantar fascia is greatly reduced.

Keeping the foot off the ground as well as resting are crucial elements to the healing process of the foot. For those who must walk around the house there is also another special splint that can be worn during the day thus speeding up the healing process. Therefore, its one of the best treatments for your foot that will reduce the pain felt during the healing process, and what's more, in the end, the foot is as good as new.