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Practical Manifesting Tools - Secrets of Language Mastery For Faster Manifesting by Michael John Campbell

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Skin is very important. It does not just serve as a covering for your body. It is your connection to the outside world. Part of it develops from the same tissues as your brain and stays in direct connection to the brain by way of nerves. It is made up of several layers. The outer layer (epidermis) is tough, it plays an important role in preventing moisture loss from the body giving you a healthy and beautiful appearance.

The other layers contain the different structures that gives it strength and elasticity. However as you age, the strength and elasticity in your epidermis declines causing it to sag. This occur because two important proteins in your body decreases in their production. These are collagen and elastin. To care for your skin you have to build collagen and elastin levels. Caring for it is not difficult if you know what to do. Here are some tips: