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Lord Krishna - Learning From His Divine Life

Clearly opposed in the legal-historical No BS Manifesting Course record, the legality of modern denominations rears an ugly head. Surely, singularity of purpose or unilateral restriction condemns the adoption of partisan religiosities, notwithstanding denominational insanity in the guise of clever pseudonyms to appease mankind's instinct for survival. As it might pertain to the law in biblical prose, religion imposters have about the same legal standing as a counterfeiter. For, indeed, their modern creedal sanctions derive from outside the Bible's hidden language. The original creed offered refuge only to particular ethnicity; such refuge was limited to and lying outside any possible modernist desire.

Religion, strict in concept, derives from the least creditable characteristic, belief. Belief, without syllogistic affirmation, is an anomaly of the mind, not obligated to truth or reason but to emotion. Truth must enlist witness; if from a legal-historical document, truth must derive from the recommended contribution from two or three witnesses, such premises leading to an agreeable conclusion. Therein lies the fault with theism and atheism; neither entity engages the prescribed manner of eliciting truth. One fault consents to another and soon such exercise conforms not to truth but 'will to power' (Nietzsche).