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The Key Ingredients For Achieving a "Success Mindset"

As I said earlier, your brain Zen12 Review doesn't know the difference between a real success and one that is vividly visualized. So start with an affirmation; affirmations are positive messages or phrases that you repeat to yourself throughout the day. They keep you positive, and are a good first step; then move on to visualizations. They are mental images of you succeeding. Picture yourself as a success, and as you do this over and over in your head, gradually add more detail. The important thing again is to concentrate on the end result, not just the goal, and make sure it is real in your mind -- as if it has already happened. Let your brain and nervous system experience it as real. This is what triggers the winning feeling.

At this stage you have to remember it's your unconscious mind that is going to give you the winning feeling, so don't put a lot of effort into consciously trying to bring it about. Let it happen on its own. Just picture yourself as a success, and capture the feeling you would experience if your goals were, indeed, achieved. Let your unconscious mind work on it. Don't force it, but continue to have absolute faith in the end result.

The idea of step two is to build patterns of success into your brain. When a successful pattern of action is performed, it is stored in your conscious memory. In time, an overall pattern of success becomes locked into your brain. In other words, the neurons in your brain will become linked together in a certain way that will remain that way indefinitely.

By this stage you'll no doubt begin to experience the first stages of the winning feeling. Let it build -- cultivate it. Act successful and it will soon become more spontaneous; furthermore, your creativity will start to be unleashed. Keep telling yourself, "It can be done... things may be tough along the way, but there's no way I will fail." Continue to develop more and more confidence and faith in yourself. At this stage you're not only concentrating on your goal and end result, you're also concentrating on building up your confidence. Again, use visualization to do this. See yourself as successful.