If the Bills want to make a statement, go down to Carolina and beat Cam Newton

Last week was the homecoming game for [url=http://www.newjersey1861.com/weston-richburg-jersey-c-1_49.html]http://w... Bills. You know, the game where college football programs typically schedule a weakling they can beat up on so that everyone enjoys the weekend. That’s what last Sunday was for the Bills.

They laid waste to the Division II patsy known as the New York Jets, doing so in front of dozens of alums back in Buffalo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Houston comeback game. It gave everyone in Bills Nation a warm and fuzzy feeling at those post-game tailgates, but now it’s on to the Division I portion of the schedule. In other words, back to reality.

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The Bills head to Carolina for the Panthers’ home opener Sunday, and among several things the Bills are going to find out is that Cam Newton is not Josh McCown, Luke Kuechly is not Demario Davis, and Kawann Short is, at the very least, the equal of one of the Jets’ few studs, Leonard Williams.

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The Panthers are talented and tough, a team that was in the Super Bowl just two years ago and is considered a true playoff contender this season in the NFC. It’s a huge test for the Bills, but if they really want to give their fans something to [url=http://www.officialpiratessale.com/gerrit-cole-jersey-c-1_8.html]http://... about, go down to Carolina and win.

The Bills were supposed to run the ball well against the Jets, and they did. They were supposed to shut down one of the most putrid NFL offenses in recent memory, and they did. They were at home, and even in the worst of times, the Bills are almost always tough to beat at New Era Field, and they were. In short, they were supposed to beat New York, and they did.