How to Raise Heroes and Defeat Rule Breakers

Defeat ED From Home  

Childhood obesity has reached an epidemic level in the US. Organizations across the county have stepped up to assist in fighting this epidemic. Young people are stepping up as well by helping peers defeat this weight problem. Moral support from a peer is making all the difference for kids who are normally socially ostracized because of being obese. By sharing ideas for healthy diets, exercise and healthy choices, these young people are making an epidemic get under control. Sports activities, discussion groups and eating dates have all been implemented to help children who suffer from childhood obesity.

The last twenty years has given way to a dramatic rise in childhood obesity cases. The efforts of the organizations and young people have helped stem the tide of this epidemic. The support from kids their own age means so very much for the kids who are battling their weight. Society is not kind to those who do not fit the "ideal" set up as the "perfect" weight. Many of the children who suffer childhood obesity also suffer from the cruel remarks made about their weight. This further damages the self-image of these kids and causes the obese children to want to eat even more. With peer support, the obese children are finding an acceptance in their peer groups that was not there for them before.

Young people who have defeated their weight problems are able to easily relate to those who are in the struggle now. The support that they can give encourages the young people battling their weight to continue in their efforts to become healthy and fit.