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Exercise is Good For Your Brain

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Submitted by emilyjacob on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 09:02

We all know that athletes want to Inteligen perform at their optimum. As a former track star, I can tell you that I had a special diet, I took certain vitamins, and luckily, for me I had access to some of the world's best coaches. Still, other athletes wanted to take it a step further, yes I am speaking to the reality of steroids in competitive sports. No, I never took them myself, and I never had an injury which would've allowed me to get a prescription for such, I always considered it cheating, and I was arrogant enough at the time. That along with the proper skill sets and talent levels I actually believed I was invincible and could outperform even those who cheated using steroids. Interestingly enough, I did post four consecutive years with no defeats, so in many cases there was a little bit of reality to my arrogance, cockiness, and full-blown over self-confidence.

Today, I am retired from the sports scene, and I am also retired from running my own company as an entrepreneur. Now, I run an online style think tank, and I am very interested in increasing my recall, memory, cognition, and intelligence. Each day, I work very hard, and I feel my training is very similar to the level at which I had trained to be a track star. It has always been my experience that if you don't use your brain, it is like a muscle, and you lose its capability and capacity. It is hard to say if that is true, but scientists have figured out that the parts of your brain that you use the most, they do grow larger, that means your adult stem cells are working in those sections of your brain, and it grows thicker and stronger in those regions. Now then, it's not against the law to enhance your human brain currently, and I suppose as long as you're not competing for a spelling bee, or a Nobel Prize, it really wouldn't be unethical. However, there are kids in college who are working very hard to take brain enhancing substances, such as pharmaceuticals, vitamin cocktails, and other brain enhancing chemicals to do better on tests, as they compete with other class members for top billing, and the highest grades. We know that if you have a brain disorder there are all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs that they give people also. But what happens if people start taking drugs, or use vibrational frequency to increase brain stem cell production in various parts of their brain?