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Garfield Blackman, who would become most widely known to the world as Lord Shorty then as Ras Shorty I, an extraordinary Calypso singer and composer who invented Soca Music and Jamoo Music, was born in Trinidad on October 6, 1941. During his childhood in Trinidad, Shorty was exposed to a sea of music: Caribbean Calypso music, West African Music, and East Indian music. As a young  wholetones christmas child Shorty "was inspired by his older brother George, who played the mouth organ, and he was so talented that he soon mastered the organ and the guitar," a cousin recalls. Garfield Blackman aka Lord Shorty aka Ras Short I started singing Calypso songs before he was seven. There are lots of time when a little incidental music is just what you need for your website, your video or a host of other projects that might require instrumental music. Whether you want a short snippet or a full length composition, finding free music backgrounds can be quite a job.

Background music means a lot of different things, for some people it must be strictly instrumental, while others will allow some soft vocals. Ultimately the music must support the images, be they a website or video or film, and not upstage them. The mood of the music must properly match the visual images, however this is of course in the ear of the beholder. For example, soft flowing music could be juxtaposed against images of war or loud thrashy music could accompany peaceful images, if that was the desired effect.