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Disaster Preparedness

By the time you notice a shark in the Alphanation Combat Fighter Review water chances are he has already noticed you. If this is the case the first thing you should do is to attempt to leave the water. You should do this with as little commotion as possible to avoid inciting the shark further. If you are with a group of people gather together and make the group look as big as possible.

This just might serve to intimidate the shark and it should go on about its way. If you are indeed attacked the one and only recourse you have is to fight and fight ferociously. The shark, like any other creature, has weak points. By becoming aware of what they are you stand a better chance of survival. The eyes, snout or nose and the gills are some of the most vulnerable points on this big fish. If you cause pain in these areas the shark may release you. Shark attacks are not always fatal but they can leave behind a lot of wreckage. The best defense against a shark is to not put yourself in a situation that will put you in that type of danger.

The survival knife should be one of the most important tools for your wilderness survival. Just because it's a tool that's meant to take a beating doesn't mean it shouldn't be well kept. So how should you care for it to ensure that it holds up for years and years to come? Following these simple recommendations will guarantee to help keep your survival knife long lasting because if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Keep the blade as sharp as you can because after all, it's a wilderness survival knife! A dull knife is completely useless compared to a well sharpened knife. A good knife is equipped a diamond sharpener inside the sheath which enables you to sharpen the knife as you go. Unlike the other survival knives out there, there's no need to spend your money on professionals whenever your knife gets a bit dull. Just pop out the built in sharpener, and in a few moments, your knife is as sharp as ever.