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AVG antivirus setup

Once you have downloaded the AVG anti-virus in your device, it becomes really simple to install the program and set up on the device, if the proper procedure has been followed. You can reach out to the technical assistants at Avg customer support number and talk to them about the given procedure or you can also directly implement the method given below:

-Ensure that no other program is running on the windows and no other anti-virus has been
installed in the system.
-Check the system requirements before installing the AVG antivirus and beginning its setup.
-You need to download the AVG Anti-virus free installer and save it on a location where you
feel like.
-Once the file has been downloaded, select the setup file by right click and then select ‘Run as
administrator’ from the drop-down menu.
-Select yes, when the app asks for to make changes in the device.

Once done, choose the installation language and click on install. Then set it up on the device.