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How to choose a dog bowl?

What kind of dog bowl do you have for your dog at home?

You might think that the bowls are all the same, just pick the color you like, but in fact the different kinds of dog bowls have different characteristics. In addition to plastic products on the market, ceramics, stainless steel and other materials are also very popular, coupled with specially designed slow food bowls, etc., as well as dog bowls with different angles of inclination, it is dazzling.

Although some people are not so particular, they use the old pots and bowls directly as dog bowls, but their height, angle and other details may not meet the needs of dogs.

Want to make your dog's meal more comfortable? Please refer to today's commentary and choose a suitable dog bowl for it!

The plastic dog bowl is light and cheap, and its color and shape are not broken. It is a priority for many people. However, if the plastic material used by the manufacturer is not good enough, the dog will scratch the dog's bowl or the cat's tongue with a barb. When we wash it with a melon cloth, it will leave small scratches. It will hide dirt and bacteria, so it is recommended to replace it with new ones on a regular basis.

Some dogs or cats are allergic to plastics, and the skin of the chin will become red and itchy, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection.

At present, the most durable is the stainless steel dog bowl, which is very clean and maintainable and is not easy to have allergies or bacteria problems, but unfortunately it has no other colors and patterns.

Stainless steel material bites are also not easily damaged and are extremely durable. However, due to its light weight, the stability is not enough. Some dogs will eat more rudely and have to slide while eating. Therefore, it is best to choose a stainless steel dog bowl with a slip pad at the bottom or anti-slip. Processing is preferred. However, it should be noted that some inferior metals may cause allergic reactions in dogs, so be sure to purchase stainless steel products marked with 304.

Ceramics have a certain weight, they are not easy to slide, and they do not need a slip-proof function. At the same time, it is very easy to clean and maintain, and there is no problem of metal allergy. Even if there is a skin disease, the dog can use it with peace of mind. In addition, some can also be heated by microwaves, which is quite convenient when you want to warm the dog food slightly.

The ceramic dog bowl looks very textured and usually has a beautiful color. Ceramic materials help keep it clean and reduce bacterial growth.

Like gold or lesbian, they all love to bite the bowl to eat before eating, or eat enough to eat the bowl to remind the owner, such a dog, the plastic dog bowl will soon be broken, it is recommended to choose stainless steel or ceramic products for good.

When you are playing with your dog for a long time, you need to prepare water and food. In this case, try this portable dog bowl! This foldable pet bowl fits easily into your backpack, pocket or purse, providing food and water for your dog on the go.

When the dog is finished, the dog's tableware can be cleaned with detergent, then rinsed with water and placed, and it can be used normally in the next meal. At least one tableware that is disinfected once a week for dogs should be immersed in boiling water for 30 minutes to be disinfected.

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