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Elabels: Transforming Retail and the Future of Shelf Labels

Staying ahead of the competition in the quick-paced world of retail necessitates embracing innovation and using cutting-edge technology. Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) which has changed how items are labeled and priced in retailers, has emerged as a game-changer. Traditional paper labels are being replaced by their electronic equivalents, known as Elabels or Electronic Shelf Labels due to the growth of digital solutions.

Features that you can take advantage of electronic tags

Electronic type labels are one of the best alternatives for price management in the field of Retail. It consists of a technology that replaces the conventional paper label usually used on supermarket shelves or any other type of item using LCD or electronic ink technology, “e-ink.” Through this technique, various informative data can be displayed to customers effectively.

Electronic Labels' development in the retail sector

The world is entering a new era for the IoT (Internet of Things). More and more innovative technologies and products appear in your daily lives. For example, the birth of 5G technology, smart home technology, self-driving cars, and many more. There are so many industries that can use the IoT. One of them that would benefit incredibly from this is the retail industry through electronic labels (ESL).
Electronic Labels (ESL) in the retail industry

Know About Digital Shelf Tags Before Your Buy

You have probably noticed that every item for sale in a store has a tag or label next to it, so that shoppers can easily recognize it and learn more about it. Customers are given an honest pricing. Different types of digital shelf tags are available for use in retail settings. There is a wide range of sizes, colors, and content on these.



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