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Qipao bride hairstyle picture highlights your noble elegance

Bride qipao style picture 1. The dew forehead fluffy go is also a hugely popular Korean twist, languid is lazy along with the gender of the fleeciness feeling go with forehead relaxed and easy, with makeup look, easy to show the goddess temperament.
Bride qipao style picture 2. The sweet Korean dish hair hair is very suitable for collocation cheongsam, lateral points of inclined bang modified face, simple low bun hair fresh and beautiful, black hair, bright, submissive, goddess temperament is dye-in-the-wood.

How to choose a wedding and photographer to capture the happy moment of the couple

Every couple hopes that the wedding and photographer can record every happy moment of the wedding for them, but they worry that the photographer cannot take the photos they want. So what kind of wedding and photographer is a good photographer to capture the wedding records of the couple? There are some tips on how to choose between a wedding and a photographer.
How to choose a wedding and shoot a photographer: see the work.

Korean style wedding photography techniques to create a fresh and beautiful wedding photos

There are various styles of wedding photos, and the most popular among young new couples nowadays is the Korean style wedding photos. Korean wedding photos have a fresh and romantic plot that is close to life. So what are the techniques for taking such refreshing and beautiful Korean style wedding photos? How can you easily create a perfect Korean wedding photo? New people come and see.
Skills of shooting Korean style wedding photos 1. Setting of background

How to choose a good wedding day

How to choose a good wedding day is a real problem for the couple who are about to get married. Wedding day to pick what's taboo matters needing attention are new people need to know, below small make up on comprehensive analytic wedding day how to choose the right for you, let you in the best of the date of complete life events.
How to choose good marriage auspicious day the new couple must know the auspicious day choice taboo principle
The law of matrimony and choice on the auspicious day of marriage

The bride's veil shape, wearing the veil let the holy happiness come

The bridal veil can bring the feeling of dreaminess to the delicate bride, and also can decorate the graceful posture of the delicate bride. Small make up bring a few bridal gauze modelling picture, give a person noble and elegant feeling, wearing gauze to imply happy arrival, full of holiness and warmth.
The image of the bride's veil is covered with a veil to bring holy happiness
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Bridal headdress type - crown bridal headdress

Crown in a woman heart is a symbol of nobility is elegant, its design can be divided into the ancient classic, probably three grand, magnificent, the bride should according to its own characteristics to choose suitable crown, ancient model suitable for introverted, petite bride, grand type is suitable for the bride, there are "strong woman" temperament and gorgeous is suitable for full of feminine, temperament enchanting bride. Related reading: the most popular bridal headwear is recommended to dress up the icing on the cake
Pearl bridal headdress

Music in the background of the champagne tower gives a different touch

The champagne tower symbolizes the eternal remembrance of a happy marriage and is one of the most important parts of a western wedding. As the champagne opens, music is played in the background, and the couple and guests raise their glasses in an unforgettable scene. It's important to choose a suitable wedding champagne tower background music, so let's find out more about it.
Wedding champagne tower background. Love of a Lifetime

Golden wedding decoration - welcome card

The design of the welcome card can choose a wedding photo of the couple as the main content, plus some elaborate decoration can be. Generally, the reception card and check-in desk are placed in the same place, which serves as a guide for guests to know that the entrance of the wedding banquet is in this place.
Sign in Taiwan
Golden wedding decoration - sign in


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