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How effective is hand sanitisers in killing germs & viruses

There is a lot of confusion over whether or not hand sanitisers are effective for killing germs and viruses. A hand sanitiser with over 60% alcohol, in clinical trials, have proven to be able to kill most types of germs and viruses. This is because alcohol is able to denature or change the shape of the proteins that protect or envelope many germs and viruses. But, it’s important to understand that alcohol does not kill many bacterial spores, some types of protozoa and a few of the non-enveloped viruses.

Why not use straight alcohol?

Know merits and demerits of hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers are now seen almost everywhere you go all around the world, especially in public places as people try to do their best to deal with and combat the spread of covid-19. Hand sanitiser was first introduced commercially in the 1990s and since they became popular there has been a continual debate about whether or not they are really good for us and safe to use or whether they just help to destabilize our immune system as they kill both the good germs and bad.

The Merits of Hand Sanitisers

• Alcohol Kills Germs

Top Precautions to take while getting out of your home in this COVID time

The whole world is now very aware of the need to take precautions because of COVID, such as frequently washing your hands or using an effective hand sanitiser, but there is still some confusion over the reason such things as face masks are necessary.

Infection prevention when leaving your home

Top Tips While purchasing Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is now a very hot commodity and often sells out quickly in stores because people are buying up large quantities in case they need it in the future when it’s not possible to buy any more. What many people do not realize is that hand sanitisers have expiry dates, especially those containing alcohol and must be stored correctly, especially after they have been opened and their clinical seal is broken. This includes squirt bottles as they cannot be properly or adequately sealed when not in use.

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