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Get Detail About Merchant Navy career

If you are a science student or engineering student and love to outdoor and journey, Merchant Navy is a best option for you. Merchant navy jobs are one of the highly paid salaries in world. 

Merchant Navy career after 12th  

After 12th, the interested student can choose following Career for Merchant Navy

As Deck  Officer
As an Engineer
As maritime catering
Merchant Navy Colleges in India

Do you want to make carer in merchant navy then take admission in the merchant navy course

So what is the great attraction of the merchant navy that most of student after 10+2 class like there are 2 reasons to take admission in Institute Merchant Navy Rajasthan: Good pay scale and travel abroad. There are other benefits, such as tax-free income, quick promotions, and exciting lives. But a good salary is the main temptation. Receive a fat check and do not pay taxes (if you stay outside the country for more than 6 months in the fiscal year). After this course you can begin earning a big pay at a very youthful age.

Merchant Navy career in India

Around 90% of world trade is transported by the international maritime industry that makes a great contribution to achieve sustainable development in the world, by promoting prosperity through trade, before this reality is necessary a professional Merchant Marine, engaiday efficient.

The Merchant Navy Courses After 12th will open the doors to become a navigator or engineer of cargo ships, platforms, offshore vessels, gas carriers and other multiple jobs in fleets around the world.

A best guide about Merchant Navy Career

The Merchant Marine is the common term for the commercial shipping industry. The roles within the Merchant Marine vary according to several factors, including the size and type of vessel. The range of vessels includes passenger ferries, container ships, oil tankers, small tugs and cruisers. Some ships have a large number of officers and ratings, while others have a very small number of officers and ratings. This affects the breadth of responsibilities and the seniority of those on board.

Know about Best Merchant Navy Colleges and courses in india

The degree of engineer enables to work in the field of technology, with responsibilities on management, maintenance, development and innovation. Engineers use this knowledge to create concepts, materials, processes, products, machines, works and complex systems.

In this sense, engineering professionals assume themselves as influential actors in our society, as they are capable of responding to challenges such as global climate change, the provision of energy, the problems of housing, transport and communications, starting from Respect for resources for future generations.

What should I consider before studying Naval Engineering?

The ocean and the boats will be your place of work if you decide to study Marine Engineering Courses In India. The work of a naval engineer goes beyond the construction of ships and can develop jobs in very diverse industries, such as port administration or the exploitation of energy.

We give you details about this career, your job opportunities, Marine Institute In India and if it is the engineering you should study.


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