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How to Easily Share Phone Contacts Via iMessage and WhatsApp?

As we all aware of the term WhatsApp and iMessage, these apps or software are all-time favorite communication platforms for iPhone and Android users. This simply means that when any of the users who try their best to confirm that they have all of their contact synced and also up-to-date between the applications on their device

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet?

Are you done with the Internet? Want to delete yourself from it? Well, it is not quite as simple as it should be. Below are some easy steps to follow to do it rightly. If you are here to read this, it’s quite sure that your personal information is public. Public means everywhere everyone knows about you. Facebook revealed that the data of more than 50 million Facebook users found its way into hands of Cambridge Analytica. The most disturbing aspect is that your personal information is open to being grabbed because you have signed up at many places for free services.

What is the difference between iPhone XS and iPhone X?

iPhone XS is in the town. Are you ready to go for it or want to settle for 2017’s similar iPhone X? Apple is known for its continuous upgrade in each of its series. The iPhone XS is drastically different from iPhone X. The present time is more about evolution and less about a revolution. XS bears a similar design, but some new internal upgrades make it better but quite similar to the older iPhoneX.

Best iOS Apps Everyone Should be Using

Apple’s iPhones impress people with their camera advancements and powerful processors. It is more than just hardware that defines Apple’s smartphones. The software you install also plays a vital role in its functioning. It is easy to find a list of great apps to load into your iPad and iPhone specially the crowd’s favorite such as Instagram, Facebook or Spotify. Certain apps haven’t got widespread recognition. 

How to Add Emoji on Shortcut Keys in Mac?

If you have Mac OS X and you want to use Emojis in it, you are more likely to enjoy a lot knowing there is a quick as a flash keystroke to access special Mac Emojis straight away in your Mac OS. Moreover, this quick Emoji panel can be navigated entirely with your Mac keyboard.

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