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Aura Kingdom(TW) Released 9th Class - Bladefist

Submitted by zw1100 on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 06:34

Fantasy Frontier, as generally known as Aura Kingdom in western, released a different class(weapon) - Bladefist in TW servers today. The game originally has 8 weapons every of them provides different attributes for characters. In another word, a weapon symbolizes a class.

Focusing on melee combat, Bladefist has rapid attack speed, and the man can heal teammates by healing skill. His special power, which called Qi Wen in Chinese, will be able to increase damage and enhance buff effect. Bladefist stores the power from sky and earth and release it duly. More power he accumulates, more extra injury to enemies he'll do.

Along using the new weapon, Alchemy has become available for players to find out. It can result in the potions to raise attack, defense, movement speed etc