Journey to the West" describes the

Journey to the West" describes the story of the Tang dynasty and the four men who have experienced 1989, defeated many demons and ghosts, and finally obtained the true scriptures.ourney to the West", what I like the most is the story of "True and Real Goku". A demon monkey turned into a Sun Wukong look, came to Tang Hao, stunned Tang Yan and took away important items. When the real Sun Wukong came back, Tang Yan drove him away, and the mentoring and apprentice could not recognize each other. Later, the real Sun Wukong found the Buddha, the Buddha will fall into the false Sun Wukong Marlboro Red 100S, the true Sun Wukong continued to stay in Tang Yan to protect him to learn Newport Cigarettes Coupons..fter reading it, I couldn't help but make me feel a lot. What is the power to make the mentoring and the four people as good as ever? What is the power to get them back? I have thought for a long time and realized that it is the family and the spirit of being close to the difficultieslthough Journey to the West is an ordinary article, the four masters of Tang Yi have the indomitable spirit Parliament Cigarettes, firm belief, and tenacious perseverance that modern people do not have. We still have a lot less than them. We should learn from them, go forward in life, be unyielding, and be brave in pioneering and positive in learning. We should understand that we will not succeed without going through the storms Cigarettes For Sale, because no one will succeed casually, so we should not give up anything Marlboro Cigarettes.