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Find Best Quality Precision Machining from Lions Industries

Over a period of time any machine would have a down time due to damaged or worn out machine parts. At that time you can replace the machine parts and once again enhance the functionality of the machine without any problem. To find out the best quality machine parts you can check out for the Lions Industries products that offer quality machine components and parts suitable for different industries ranging from oil and gas, agriculture, fluid power, automotive and other markets both national and international. The company is expert in bringing out turned components through their precision machining in the best quality and specifications meeting the clients design. The company is expert in contract manufacturing of CNC turned parts from 10mm to 300mm in diameter through their machine making process of hot forging, castings and bar stockings. The company has process capability of CNC turning, drilling, milling, grinding, hot forging, zinc plating, powder coating, heat treatment, sheet bending, thread rolling, tapping and many more machining materials like stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, carbon steel and alloys as per the clients specifications.

The Lions industry has the best manufacturing facility with latest equipment list of milling machines, centreless grinder, mechanical power presses, band saw, drilling and tapping machine, conventional lathe, thread cutting machines, single spindle turning machines to get the job done. The company also puts lot of emphasis on quality assurance and testing and hence maintain state of the art inspection equipment like digital mitutoyo micrometer, digital mitutoyo verniers, digital mitutoyo height gage with surface plate, surface testing equipment, thread ring gages and standard radius gages testing, Rockwell hardness testing machine etc that are effectively used to ensure the materials manufactured by them meet the industry standards and are in apt with the clients drawing and specifications. The company produce the machine parts maintaining high precision and excellent surface finish to offer best product to the client.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified along with meeting the ISO quality compliant system like FMEA, PPAP, SPC and also advanced quality planning. The company not only produces best quality machine components but also take equal care packaging the parts meeting the cleanliness demands of the clients and also protection in transportation before being shipped across the globe. You can go through clear description and specifications of the products being manufactured by the company or customise them according to your requirements before placing an order online for your turned components from Lions Industries.

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