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Why Do You Need to Use Different Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Painting?

Before you start to give the finishing touches to your dream home, it is important to understand the basic ingredient that does the job. It’s the paint. And before selecting one, keep this fundamental fact in mind- the inside of your home has been constructed to make your living comfortable and the outside is built to protect you from all the vagaries of nature.
For years, Jason Swanson Painting has been the no.1 Gold Coast painter. We have been able to embellish homes with our profound knowledge of paints. Our expertise and unflinching commitment toward quality help us give the best solutions to homes as well as businesses.
And besides providing reliable services, we also impart valuable insights that help people choose the appropriate paints, methods, and tools to colour their homes. So keeping that in mind, here’s an explainer that tells why you need different paints for the interior and exterior.
Understand The Need for Different Paints For Interior & Exterior
The basic formulation is the same for all the paints, they consist of pigments, resins, solvents, and additives. It’s the concentration of one material over another which really differentiates one paint from another. Now before delving deeper into the details, let us understand what all these materials do.
Pigments- Give colour to the paint
Resins- Bind the paint to the surface
Solvents- Makes the paint wet
Additives- Makes the paint resistant to mildew and other stuff
Taking a cue from the statement above, you need robust paint to colour the exterior of your house. That’s because it is exposed to scorching sunlight, harsh winds, torrential rains, etc. On the other hand, when it comes to painting the interior, you need something that pleases your eyes while being easy to clean at the same time.
Water-based or oil-based paints are considered ideal for the outdoors. They give out little odour but perform really well when it comes to sustaining the climate outside. In the case of interior and exterior paints, what really differentiates is the resin.
Attributes of an Exterior Paint
• In exterior paint, this particular material is tender. Because when it is tender, it becomes flexible and does not crack or wear off easily.
• This paint is formulated to protect the walls from ultraviolet rays, snow, rains, and winds. It is also made to keep fungal growth at bay.
• The peculiar resin disposition also enables the paint to withstand changes in temperature and moisture.
• Since they are made to sustain the inclement weather, they come with certain traits like odour and volatile organic compounds that make them unfit for indoors.
Attributes Of Interior Paint
The interior paints are made with aesthetics in mind. They are also made to deliver easy maintenance, washability, and moisture prevention.
They are also made to sustain abrasion and given a delicate disposition as compared to exterior counterparts.
There are volatile organic compounds in internal paints as they are made to you safe and healthy.
They are particularly made with fade-resisting properties. So when your kid turns Picasso on the walls, you face no issues restoring them to their original state.
To get the right kind of paint and to adorn your exterior and interior, you need a reliable expert. Jason Swanson Painting is the best Gold Coast painter that you can count on.