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Why Create a Welcome Kit for Your Business

Submitted by trophykart on Tue, 09/21/2021 - 06:37

Creating a
welcome kit that will delight and motivate your employees is very crucial and
offers various benefits.

But before that,
let's first quickly see what onboarding is.

What is

The onboarding,
that is to say, the inclusion of an employee in a company, is a new concept to
welcome the new employees. And if there is a critical element in this process,
it is your company's welcome kit.

This kit, therefore
a box, can contain, for example, office supplies or a t-shirt for example. We
give you more ideas for your welcome kit in this article.

What is
essential to understand is that this box, this kit, is not just a gift to make
the employee happy. This allows your new hire to feel considered.

The symbolic
side is, therefore, critical.

By doing
business on behalf of your company, the employee will have a strong sense of
belonging, which will boost their performance because he will be motivated,
quite simply.

Now that we have
seen onboarding, let's look at the reasons to create a welcome kit for new employees
for your business.

Surprise your

First of all, a
welcome kit should be a surprise to the employee.


Because you’re
new hire will be all the more happy and motivated if they don't expect it, in
addition, the employee will surely keep the objects in time, and they will
remind him of his first day with you. An experience that he will associate with
good times more than anything else.

However, most
companies to date do not offer a welcome kit to their employees. So it won't be
too difficult to surprise your employees.

Reinforce the
culture of your company

The culture of
your company is not limited to the tools you use or its values.

It also
understands your processes and your communication. As such, onboarding is part
of your processes and your transmission.

Bring life to
your recruit's office

When an employee
starts, his office is empty. Of course, we have just kicked in an open door.
But that was to make you realize another welcome kit interest. Your recruit
will use it to furnish his office and give it a little life. The employee will
take more ownership of his workspace with personalized objects that you have
given him than arriving on a neutral desk with pens like any other.

This will make
your recruit feel more comfortable and respected, which will motivate them

Be a recruiting

You have
certainly already noticed that LinkedIn is a great recruitment platform that is
teeming with offers. What you may not have told yourself, however, is that they
all look the same. Many of them look alike. They tell us a miracle job.

But times are
changing. Employees are mobile and do not make a career in the same company all
their life or even for a decade. This is even truer among millennials, this
generation born astride the 20th and 21st centuries. They want to exercise
their freedom to find the job and the company that suits them. And if they get
bored, they are relatively unafraid to look elsewhere. They do not feel too
attached and sometimes perhaps not enough respect.

By providing
them with a welcome kit
from your business
, you create the opportunity to write a story with them.
To read a particular link and show that they are respected. And showing all
this through your kit, by sharing it on social networks, in particular, will
help establish you as a model.And it will work. Because as we have seen, job
advertisements tend to look the same. And people today are always asking for
more transparency, including job seekers.