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Remedial massage Therapy- a great way to achieve active life

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Massage has been used as therapy from ancient times. It offers the best remedy for muscle injury without any medication. Massage used for correcting any damage done to muscle or relive from pain is called remedial massage.

A remedial massage is therapeutic in nature which reaches the deep tissues. It is done to treat injuries, muscle ailments and other health related issues. According to the theory of massage therapist, all the parts of body are interconnected. If any part of the body is damaged, its effects the functioning of other parts of the body. For example, a person with an injured knee will put pressure on the other leg leading to muscle throw in the hip and pain in the back. Back is connected to the neck through spine which in turns brings trouble in the neck. So the patient may come with a pain in the neck, whereas the trouble lies in the knee.

Remedial massage therapist, Wolli Creek Massage is trained to diagnose the source of the problem and treat it with the required massage therapy. For more details you can check the website

Before starting the treatment, a consultation session is conducted to know the causes of injury. This session may consist of simply query answering to a series of tests and movement range the clients have. For example , a remedial massage therapist Inner west will turn the neck of the patient left and right to check the movement range muscles allow without pain and tightness in the muscles for a patient with a headache.

A therapist will also study the posture of the client to find any trouble areas. For example a client may favour one leg more while walking straining the muscles of that leg. Also a remedial therapist usespalpitations of muscles to find is the muscles are tight or shortened.

If the muscle tissues are shortened , it cannot work properly. It restricts further contraction ,thus disabling proper working of the muscles. This results due to excessive use of the muscles or long inaction of the muscles.

There are variety of remedial massage therapies at wholistic Health Centre, Sutherland to soften, stretch and manipulate the muscle. These include:

Remedial Massage Sutherland
Deep tissue massage
Lymphatic drainage
Myofascial release
Swedish/ therapeutic massage
Kinesiology taping
Facials for massage therapy
Manual lymphatic Drainage
Sports massage
Pregnancy massage
Relaxation massage

Wholistic Health centre has a team of remedial massage experts to treat different kinds of conditions. Each of remedial massage therapist is experienced with specialisation in particular ailments. You can book an appointment by logging on to

You can use the services of wholisitc health centre to live a stress free and active life.

Some of the reasons to book our services of massage at Marrickville are :

Correcting problems such as injury, postural or joint issues
Feeling healthy and active
Decrease in stress
Enhancing immunity
Increasing mental alertness
Releasing muscle tension and pain
Improving joint mobility
Correcting skin tone
Eliminating chronic complaints