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Who Created God: Part Three

When poverty and distress are on the rise, when there is no The Medici Code Review hope and life itself is in danger, more and more people are drawn to the rich countries. In this way the problems of poverty and the population explosion become problems for the wealthy nations as well. Then the people of these wealthy nations have the choice of either closing their frontiers and staying hard and insensitive towards human tragedy and pain, or to deal with this situation in a humane, loving and intelligent way. If these well-to-do people react in an insensitive and hard manner, it will surely result in an emotional hardness and personal insensitivity, affecting themselves and others near to them negatively in many unforeseen ways.

There are enough resources to fulfill the basic needs of all human beings who are on the earth now. The question is simply how we are prepared to handle these resources, how we distribute them and with what means we propose to heal the damages we have inflicted on the environment. It is more a question of allowing our hearts to have a say in decisions on these issues.Here the United Nations, in close participation with all countries, could commit itself towards creating all over the world a 'subsistence minimum' concerning the basic necessities for healthy human living and comfort in accordance with the particular standards and values of the country in question.

Ambassadors Of Life And Friendship ( ALFs )These persons from the military and other available sources after the necessary further training can bring about their understanding and the personal capacities peacefully for the benefit for the environment and in helping the human beeings in need, and thereby support in overcoming the catastrophical situation of the planet.These Ambassadors of Life and Friendship (ALFs) could help in implementing the decisions of the United Nations in a loving and creative way, since the know-how and trained personnel to apply it are unavailable in many countries.