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Who Can Benefit from Hearing Aids

When Do You Need One? Some True Hearing System Review instances of hearing loss are short term resulting from exposure to loud noises or due to something blocking the ear canal. Blockages can be cleared and minor damage often repairs without assistance. These types of hearing loss do not indicate the the need for a hearing aid.

Some forms of damage caused by periods of exposure to excessive noise levels will mend itself over a brief recovery period. It should be noted that even repeated exposures of this type will eventually lead to more permanent hearing loss and the inability of the system to fully recover. Physical obstructions are generally a temporary disability that can be by a thorough irrigation of the ear canals or by removing any objects that may be blocking the canals. When these circumstances are the cause of hearing loss, a hearing aid would not be beneficial.

Ongoing hearing loss that is experienced over extended periods of time where there is no apparent external physical damage would be a sign of the need for more serious and long term action. In these instances, a full examination should be conducted by a hearing specialist or audiologist. This will require a very thorough evaluation. These usually entail tests for hearing capabilities through a wide range of frequencies. In many cases of hearing loss, not all hearing frequencies are affected. The testing equipment available today permits hearing aids to be finely tuned and is capable of amplifying sounds in targeted frequencies ranges. This capability means that only sounds that require amplification are modified. The end result is that the sound reproduction more closely represents the natural hearing system.