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Which is the best Carbon water filters in Chennai - Ecogreen

Submitted by ecogreen on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 22:44

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Carbon water filters have features like Nano Silver – antibacterial effect 99% and Uniform dispersion. they're carbonaceous adsorbents which have chemicals finely distributed on their internal surface. The impregnation of carbon optimizes the prevailing properties of the activated charcoal giving a synergism between the chemicals and therefore the carbon.

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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge may be a high-quality carbon utilized in specialist water treatment applications. These are manufactured from specific high purity grades of coconut shell and impregnated with silver employing a unique process. the benefits are as follows. They remove bad odour and free chlorine from water. The purification stage helps in giving germ-free and clear water. Choose eco-green products. Choose evergreen products.