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When Should You trademark Your Logo?

Submitted by allenoneil on Tue, 01/26/2021 - 09:11

Are you an aspiring business owner, who came up with a nice (or cute) logo for your new business? If yes, you are in the right place. The question of most budding entrepreneurs is when should they trademark their logo. Should it be a year after? Do they have to be a big and successful company before they do it? When?

Well, as mentioned above, you are where you are supposed to be because in this article you will learn when the best time is to get that trademark for your business’ logo.

Trademark Your Logo If You Think It Has Value

If you’re just a hobbyist looking to entertain yourself with a small business (with no plans of growing it in the future), then you don’t need a trademark at all. Because you don’t put enough value in it anyway.

If you think that the brand you’re building is worth it, and you believe that it would grow into an amazing business, then it means that it is worthy enough to be protected in the eyes of the law. Trademarked logos help business maintain their sense of uniqueness. You wouldn’t want anyone else using your logo, right?

Trademark Your Logo If It Is A Visible Element of Your Business

Logos can either be a very important part of your business, or not. Here’s the simple explanation. For some businesses, logos are everything. They use them for their marketing materials, social media pages, and websites. If you use your logo as something to easier identify you like Nike’s swoosh, then you would really need to make sure that you legally own the rights to it.

On the other hand, some businesses are more of a word-of-mouth kind and wouldn’t really need a logo because they are more recognizable because of their services and referrals, then most likely they wouldn’t need to file for a trademark on their logo.

Most businesses like these surprisingly still get their logos trademarked for legal protection, because it would be harder to go to court in the future if somebody else decides to file a trademark on their brand, which would cost them more than if they just protected it in the first place.

When IS The Best Time To Trademark A Logo?

Assuming that you value your logo and that your business is more recognized because of your logo, then the best time to trademark it is before you even launch the business. Yes! It doesn’t have to be months or even years later! Many small brands that later on made it big actually trademarked it before they started doing anything with their businesses.

Take Netflix for example, they filed their first trademark on 1997 but didn’t really start their DVD rental service until 1998! They only had an idea—a logo and a big dream. So who’s stopping you from doing the same?


Getting a trademark is a serious and vital step any entrepreneur should take—that is if you really believe in your brand. Consider it an investment for your business. Just imagine the losses you would incur if somebody else decides to file a trademark on a similar logo which would make you lose something you worked hard for. It isn’t fair, right?

So don’t just sit and wait until your business makes it big. It’s all about taking an important step that will help your brand be as amazing as you think it is, with all the legal protection it needs.