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What's a semi-solid inflatable sex doll?

Submitted by qidoll on Wed, 12/21/2022 - 21:39

Semi-solid sex toys are made from hard plastic for the head and hands, while solid realistic sex dolll are made of inflatable balloons like lifebuoys.

There are two types of sex toys: semi-solid and full-solid. Semi-solid sex toys are actually inflatable sex toys. However, the head, hands, and feet of semi-solid sex dolls are made from hard plastic. The other part of the doll is similar to a lifebuoy. Semi-solid sex toys are generally less expensive than inflatable sex toys. Domestically made products generally cost less than 100 dollars

Solid sex dolls are a totally different product. They have metal bones inside, sponge muscles, and simulated silicone skin. The solid silicone sex doll does not require inflating and it has a very realistic appearance. However, the price tag is very high. The products of the most well-known solid sex doll producers in Japan and the United States cost tens to thousands of dollars. However, the prices for solid sex dolls made in China are much more affordable! The average price is within a few thousand dollars.

How to use semi-solid sex doll

Although inflatable sex toys are supposed to decrease the transmission of sexual disease, they can also be contagious if multiple people share the same doll. It is best to use inflatable sex dolls for your own use.

(2) Don't overfill an inflatable sex toy. It should be comfortable and good looking. If the inflatable doll is overstressed, it can easily burst. Inflate the doll to at least 80%.

To ensure that the inflatable shemale sex doll does not become hollow, you can use an inflatable tube to suction out any gas from the body and then compress it to form a thin layer for your next use.