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What's the difference between passenger and commercial vehicle?

 You must have heard that there are many accidents with commercial vehicles or trucks carrying a large amount of goods.  These are used for a commercial purpose that is transporting the goods. Passenger vehicles are the ones that have four-wheelers and used to carry the passengers from one place to another and have their seeds and not more than that. Steering the word passenger that passenger vehicle helps transport people from one place to another. Any other hand commercial vehicle are the ones that do not carry people but instead of that, it carries a large amount of goods to one place to another. Commercial vehicles are used for commercial purposes like supplying goods manufacturing to the retailer. There is a large number of goods and also some small vehicles for a small quantity of goods. There is a limit on loading the commercial vehicle with certain tons depending on the size of the people. There are various trucks that are also used to transport goods.  There are small minibuses that have more than 8 seats and are used to carry the passengers from one place to another. Commercial vehicle also includes coaches and buses.

Not just goods but commercial vehicles are also used to transport the fuels and other kinds of liquids which required careful monitoring. While on the other hand passenger vehicles do not require any monitoring. Commercial vehicles are set by the manufacturer in such a way that they cannot be used for loading some other kind of product but only the same kind of product it was loading. On the other hand, passenger vehicles can be adjusted according to the convenience of the passenger. Like there are many ambulances that change their internal furniture to carry a patient and in that, normal people cannot be carried. In some countries, the vehicle is considered commotion only when it is registered by the name of the company. The similarity between both the girls is that they both need to have Pco Licence Application. A vehicle is also considered commercial based on the exceeding certain weight. If a particular vehicle exceeds a certain weight then it is considered a commercial vehicle. Passenger vehicles only carry passenger and not more than 15 passengers are allowed in a particular vehicle. This is the basic difference between a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle. There are also some classifications between the commercial vehicle and passenger vehicles.
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