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What is a good name for starting a new chocolate business?

Submitted by LegalWizin on Tue, 10/27/2020 - 02:47

I might not be able to suggest you a name, but certainly help you with few pointers to come up with a good name.

I have recently answered a similar questions, answer of which is reproduced here.

There are few websites that help you generate business name: Namemesh, Shopify, etc.

Consider following factors before choosing the business name:

  • Think wisely while choosing your business name. Keep in mind that every business you start is with a vision of long term growth.
  • Unique: One can use prefix to make the name distinct from others. You may choose a name that is unique or coined word.
  • Meaning: The name should be such that it helps people to connect with the Company and its branding and help to establish a Brand and Trademark.
  • For example, “”. The name is even a unique name and it also depicts the business activities. Further, as a business name, it also depicts the web address of the company, which is useful for an online market player.
  • An another example is “Quora” which is coined word for “Question or Answer” This depicts the main object of the company.
  • You can also choose two different words as unique noun and activity noun. (HDFC Bank Limited)
  • It is not necessary that you choose the business name as brand name. PayTM is a brand name used for product of 197 Communication Private Limited. This typically helps in large scale business or business with multiple products or services.
  • The name should be easy to spell and remember. It will help in advertisement and marketing.
  • Short & simple: The name shall be of reasonable length and not so lengthy.
  • Make a name availability check. Your name should not be similar to any existing companies/ LLP/ trademarks. However, if you are willing to reserve same name, you would like to obtain the consent of owner through NOC.
  • The name should not be such that it is offensive to any religion, caste, race, community, group, society etc.
  • It should not be opposed to public policy.
  • It should not include any word that can lead to impression that the entity is having any connection or association with Local/ State/ Central Government.
  • Not to include any word, prohibited by the Government or any under any law prevailing in India.

Few of above-mentioned points are also part of guidelines for reservation of company or LLP name. Therefore, keeping those in mind will not be a hurdle in business growth. Have a domain name search, if you want to establish online market place.

If you are looking for business registration, feel free to connect with experts for free consultancy.