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What are the imperative features available in the cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Submitted by Angeline on Thu, 12/02/2021 - 05:17

Hola reader! Aren’t you influenced by the popularity of cryptocurrencies? You must be. Until a few years ago, we were only aware of the traditional banking system and related services/operations. But then the concept of decentralization came into place, which holds multiple significance for the users.

The cryptocurrency exchange platforms work on the concept of decentralization. No managing regulatory, no middlemen, and no commission charges. These days, with the advent of NFTs, investors who want to buy one should have to own cryptocurrencies (different sellers will prefer different NFTs).

We will see through the development of a cryptocurrency exchange platform and the different white-label software available with the blockchain development companies. Tumbledown!

What is the functionality of a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Traders who buy cryptocurrencies will also sell them in terms of exchanging them with another cryptocurrency. On the exchange platform, the cryptocurrencies that are up for sale or exchange will be listed. In addition, sellers can choose to create an ad and publish it on the platform itself to drive the traction of buyers towards their cryptos.

Important features ingrained in the crypto exchange platform

Price tracker

The price of cryptocurrencies is subject to fluctuations. Hence, the in-built price tracker will help buyers/sellers to keep an eye on the price.


Traders can maximize their rewards by staking their cryptocurrencies on the platform, which is similar to depositing funds and gaining interest rates in the traditional banking system.


Distributed Denial of Service is a safety protocol, which defends bulk requests that are sent to the platform’s server.

Multi-currency support
The cryptocurrency exchange platform you launch should comprise the multi-currency feature. The platform should let traders use any fiat and cryptocurrency.


With the ready-made availability of cryptocurrency exchange development solutions, you can easily and immediately launch the platform.