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What Are the Benefits of Buying Bulk Cat Litter in Australia?

When you decide to adopt or buy a pet, you take on the responsibility of taking care of them and offering them a comfortable and happy life. Well, every species of animal requires individual things that improve their health and that make their life easier.

For some animals, it might be a diet; they might need specific food to eat in order to maintain their health and live for a long time. For example, most parrots require a diverse diet consisting of fruits, insects and, at times, seeds in order to live to their full potential. For other animals, it is essential to pay careful attention to their training; in this category, we usually find different species of dogs who need to be trained from a very young age on how to behave and how to use the potty.

For cats, things stay a little different. Cats, even though kept as pets, are somewhat more independent. They prefer their alone time. They maintain their hygiene very well and usually do not have many behavioural issues. But cats need something to be living comfortably inside your home, and that is litter.

So, if you have a cat or want to get one yourself, keep on reading to find out how the usage of cat litter started, how many different types there are to choose from, and why you should buy bulk cat litter in Australia.

How Was Cat Litter Invented?

The man who created it is known as Edward Lowe, and he was an American businessman and entrepreneur. In the past, people usually kept their cats outside, but if they did decide to bring them in, they would use ash or sand as cat litter.

Sadly, this was not a very good option because after using the litter box, cats would then keep walking around their house with their paws and fur covered in ash or sand and then dirty the whole house.

On the day when Edward Lowe Invented the litter, he was asked by his neighbour for some sand because the pile of sand she used for her cats was frozen. Instead of giving her sand, Ed Lowe decided to give her a type of clay that contained clay minerals that were capable of absorbing their weight in water. The neighbour noticed that it worked a lot better than their previous methods, and this is how the industry of cat litter was formed from a little act of kindness between neighbours.

What Is the Most Used Type of Litter?

In time, many different types of litter were invented so that every cat and every owner could find a kind that they preferred. However, the most commonly used type of cat litter is clay litter. It has always been a staple ever since it was first launched in 1947. But there are a few advantages and disadvantages to clay litter.

Clay litter is a good choice because it is affordable and readily available, and by using it, you will have to scoop less. A big disadvantage of clay cat matter is the fact that it can be dusty and easily tracked. It is also not that good at odour control, and it contains silica dust, which is carcinogenic.

How Do You Train Your Cat to Use the Litter Box?

After you have found the perfect littler for your small furred friend, then what remains is to continue with the process of training it.

At first, you should introduce your cat to the box; make sure to let it dig a little bit in the box or maybe play around. To encourage your cat to use the litterbox, another thing you can and should do is to place their litter box in a safe, secluded space where your cat can get a bit of privacy.

Remember to reward your cat for using the litter box, as this will show them that they are behaving nicely, and they will continue to do so. But also remember not to punish your cat if it does not use the litter box once. By punishing it, it might only end up becoming afraid of the litter box. So, keep calm and have patience while your cat learns how to use the litter box.

If you want to find more in-depth details about how to train your cat to use the litter box, you should read this article.

Why Should You Buy Bulk Cat Litter in Australia?

We all know that buying in bulk can, most of the time, be a bargain. Some people go to big stores and buy food in bulk or drinks in bulk because this way, they get more for less. Some stories sell precisely this, only items in bulk. And you can also find some stores that sell animal food in bulk.

So, this is essentially the same thing for bulk cat litter; you should buy it because this way, you can rest assured that you have enough litter for your cat for a few months, so you do not have to buy more. This way, you can definitely save some money.

If you are thinking about acquiring a pet, specifically a cat, you should get familiar with what they require to be kept happy and healthy. Make sure to inquire about their necessary diet, as well as what type of litter to use is the best. Know that there are so many different types of litter that you can definitely find something to your liking. And if you ever find your favourite litter on sale at a reasonable price, consider buying it in bulk.

By investing in bulk cat litter in Australia, you will end up saving money but also saving on time spent going to the store to buy litter every few weeks. Supply your storage with enough cat litter to last you a while, and enjoy never having to worry again about running out of litter at the most inopportune times.