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Western wedding flower scene wonderful "flower" flower idea

Romantic and costly wedding is the girl people's life ultimate fantasy, a profusion European wedding banquet scene layout can make the person bangs heart most. Colorful flowers adorn the garden of Eden of marriage. Today small make up recommend to everybody a few western style wedding flower scene picture, flower art design wants the wedding style that oneself decide to unify. Make your wedding a floral party!
The glass is also "heart of flowers".
With a heart, even the most ordinary glass can be transformed to give your guests a little surprise.
[required materials]
1. One piece of light pink transparent yarn, one piece of beige net yarn, and several small flowers of light colored yarn.
2. Can disappear the pen, or the chalk.
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4. One piece of transparent glue.
[production instructions]
1. Cut the transparent yarn and net yarn into rectangular cloth pieces according to the length, width and length of the glass, and leave 1cm overlap at both ends of the length.
2. Draw the designed pattern or outline on the cut yarn.
3. Carefully shape the flowers with scissors.
4. Make it smooth, roll up the glass and paste it on the outside wall with glue.
Finally, the injection color blurred juice or wine, pull slightly fragrant petals LiangSanPian delicate and charming be about to drip, the cup filled with romantic and warm but person liquid, can for your table graces many, let your guests don't drink the drunk.
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