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Powerful direct hair function

Submitted by weianan008 on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 22:54

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra 1" straightener is sleek and powerful offering you the ability to style your hair quicker and easier. This is one of those tools that guarantee you a super straight that lasts long, even through the rainy days. The Nano Titanium technology used in this tool is an exceptional heat conductor which helps to main consistent and high temperatures evenly through your hair.

It also emits negative ions which helps to defrizz your hair and makes them easy to straighten. This means you will spend less time at the straightening table which makes it a perfect tool for those who live busy lifestyles and still want an opportunity to look at their best.

tyme flat iron curling iron Straight hair, also known as plywood, is a kind of electronic products used to straighten the hair, the technology originated in 1995, the use of electromagnetic principle to make an object to generate heat, through the heating body temperature transfer to a layout tyme iron, the use of high temperature to straighten the hair, the general temperature of about 200 degrees. And the development of the straight-hair device today has a great change, not only straight hair, but also curly hair and the function of the wave-style clip tyme hair curling iron .