Give you natural straight hair techniques

Apply a light weight mousse while your hair is wet. Flip your head upside down and blow dry using your fingers to scrunch volume. You will be amazed at how much volume this simple well known trick can manufacturer.Shorter Hairstyles for Thin Hair Create Volume De-Emphasize the Appearance of Thin Hair.This syle is basically a short cut with tapered ends and, as with the bob, there are several variations of the basic style cut.

Layering your hair in to close cut layers can be an easy trick to disguise thin and thinning areas. Layers are cut horizontally and then trimmed vertically to create a nice blended look. Having you stylist Texture the ends will also work to create the appearance of more volume.

dafni   Simply straight Ceramic Electric hair comb, using 3D ceramic brush head, heat can even, do not damage hair, release million anion, effective anti-static, 1 minutes of rapid heating, with LCD display, 80-230 degrees of temperature free control. Its principle is to heat efficient hot plate through the hair dryer, releasing negative ions to make the hair straight and smooth. dafni ceramic Constant temperature control won't hurt your hair!