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Why SEO better than PPC

Submitted by webdhoom on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 12:44

With the growing trends of the digital marketing, people are getting attracted towards the components of digital marketing where the basic and important ones are SEO & PPC. Though, there is some vast and major difference between the both via which SEO is considered as a better one the PPC.

The most noticeable difference is that traffic generated from SEO is free of cost whereas, from PPC, it’s chargeable. Alongside this, the below-listed pointers will guide you in stating that how and why SEO is better than PPC in an easy way.

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Search Advertising

1) Position in Search Results
SEO: If your website is fully optimized for the search engines then, your website can easily be ranked on the top positions and it would be fixed for some time if there would not be any changes.
PPC: Your ad can get on the 1st position if you pay more as compare to competitor. Position of ads are not fixed, it depends on cost per click i.e. CPC.
2) Cost
It’s true that a lot of hard work is needed to have free traffic from search engines. These days, the competition has become so high that for every searched keyword, one needs to have a quality oriented website including a better SEO at least to rank on the first five positions.
● SEO: You need not pay to rank on the top pages and searches.
● PPC: You need to pay when people click on your ads. For this, you require the Google keyword tool to know how much you need to pay.
3) Traffic potential
Organic traffic from SEO is more than PPC. It all depends on how you manage your website to get ranked on the top of search engines. Then, it will be driving traffic for specific keywords after paying for the same.
● SEO: Organic traffic will be surely continued as long as your website ranks on the top rankings and positions.
● PPC: To get more clicks, you need to pay more.
4) Conversion
If the advertisements are highly targeted as well as optimized then any user from PPC converts a visitor coming from search. It is also true different keywords can’t rank for a webpage via which searchers look for the accuracy in content written on particular pages.
● SEO: Traffic driven from SEO is better than from different forms of the traffic.
● PPC: It costs more for highly optimized keywords that also generate much of the conversions.
5) Ease of use
SEO is a time taking process which at last delivers the best in class results. But again, PPC being effective in shortest possible time needs an investment of bulk amount depending on the clicks generating more traffic.
Therefore, it is suggested to opt the best available SEO Services rendered by the SEO Experts. All you need to trust over them as grabbing their services while investing in the same would broadly result better on the long-term aspects.