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Forza Horizon 4 car simply parks about the driveway

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Submitted by vkmoon on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 02:13

Beyond racing, there's plenty to perform.

You can search for barn finds (allow me to share the locations) that are subsequently restored and shipped to you garage.

Smash 'influence' boards for Forza Horizon 4 Credits points (sorts earned from races and familiar with progress to raised levels).

Beat your very own best in speed-trap runs, do huge jumps from danger points and get properties throughout the map so Buy FH4 Credits that you don't need to drive far for getting home to your garage.

Actually, there isn't a garage.

Your current car simply parks about the driveway.

This is one in the missed opportunities of the overall game: we like how it is possible to display your collection in GTA Online, and it is a real shame absolutely nothing is similar in Horizon 4. All you get can be a menu with thumbnails (see further down).

So in the event you're listening Playground Games / Turn 10, something for the update perhaps?