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A complete Path of Exile gameplay rebalance

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Submitted by vkmoon on Fri, 10/12/2018 - 05:55

Most players will likely be paying attention to the flashy pieces of The Awakening, but in addition to those, the development will bring plenty of smaller, but significant, changes. Among these can be an interface revamp that features a new item filter and adds life bars to more enemies together with enabling players to vary font and menu window sizes. There's also been an entire gameplay rebalance, despite the fact that Rogers admitted adjustments might take some adjusting for veteran players, he also said that players a new comer to to Path of Exile may no doubt have smoother plus much FUT 19 Coins for sale more polished experience.

Grinding Gear Games is clearly looking forward to releasing The Awakening, why not? The expansion will feature nine new bosses (when compared to the single bosses released together with the previous expansions), that's bound to lead to some epic fights and great player stories.

Still, they're intent on making sure the development's as effective as it can be. In light of that, they will be holding a 6-8 week open beta starting a few weeks, to be able to address any problems and/or shake out as much skill-change imbalances as you possibly can. As committed because the Path of Exile community is, that ought to not only create a solid launch, however, many of the most creative character builds experienced.

For additional information about Path of Exile: The Awakening, go to the official Path of Exile website.

To subscribe to the beta, click the link.
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