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10 Path of Exile different characters for just one league

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Submitted by vkmoon on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 06:12

It's not a make-it-or-break-it form of deal to me, however, if I had my rathers I'd like to be capable of use one character mostly for delves and another mostly for mapping.

I'm loving my LLRF character for delves, but less regen/max resists on maps is absolutely rough for doing this.

On one other hand, the opposite build I have doesn't value those mods (much) and mmoah may happily run those maps.

Having multiple character to function around each other's weaknesses happens to be a viable way of map progression, making it odd the same isn't being put on sulphite farming.

Yeah TheExistantOne I agree along with you.

Awful changes. Special for HC players...

I do not like to do 10 different characters first league. I just lack time because of it. Wanna have a good time and spend playtime with 1 hero and merely reroll when I die... . But the changes they made promoting to POE Items obtain few heroes geared and ready for delving... .

I suppose I'm going really deep like 300+ and after that what? Best option are going to be making like 10 another heroes specific for a lot of map section mods in delve and jumping bewteen barefoot and shoes... .