What cause the “price war” in printer supplies market?

The theory of penny goods, so that the expensive price is good products strange phenomenon has become the main theme of the supplies market, while we were surprised, but also very sad, we do not know who is the fault of this phenomenon. Let us again into the responsibility of the market to explore the reasons for this phenomenon.

First, the original warranty policy. Office consumables are essential equipment for office equipment, the use of office supplies to win profits is the main means of producing office equipment manufacturers, some office equipment manufacturers hit the "use of non-genuine consumables may damage the machine," "use of non-genuine supplies of office equipment in the warranty "And other warranty policies to force consumers to buy original supplies, greatly restricted the compatible consumables and cheap toner cartridges market.

Second, the domestic brand awareness of office supplies is not strong. Domestic office supplies manufacturers divided into two categories, one is based on technical support, take the road of domestic brands, determined to build a domestic consumables market system, a complete success of domestic products. Such enterprises in the process of exploring product cultivation, go a long way. By the original products, imitation products, customers squeeze, the road is more and more difficult, a lot of businesses in the beautiful ideal back down, chose the second way. The second type of business to sales for the purpose, do not pay attention to brand quality, there is no formal sales channels, free to teach, free release. Domestic supplies factory is their own management, each taking care of themselves. There is no unified thinking, no unified propaganda, no part of coordination, and no unified domestic consciousness. For a time, surging, fighting each other, a hundred schools of thought.

Third, small-scale enterprise product impact continuously. As technology continues to decline and the level of brother tn450 has been further enhanced, small-scale enterprises have also joined the ranks of attacks. Under the banner of "economic development," these enterprises started production under conditions that are not covered by technology, quality and brand names. Due to the lack of specific qualifications, the quality of their products and the after-sale of their products can not be guaranteed, which has greatly damaged the domestic products Image, lost the customer's sense of trust, so that domestic supplies worse.

Fourth, delisting products into the market. We conducted some insider tracing of some low-priced products in the market and found that many of these products came from small-scale enterprises that delisted from several major production bases in China. These enterprises because of competition and other reasons, the necessary conversion. The product was a one-time treatment, more defective products into the market, forming a lower than the market price of the product, the price of its products is very low, there is no guarantee after-sales service.

Fifth, the vicious competition of dealers. In the case of some distributors frequently replace the agency brand, the commitment of after-sales service is simply a dead letter, the vicious competition of some distributors, so that the already fierce competition in the domestic office supplies market, even more difficult. Some insist on scientific and technological content, adhere to the brand, insist on service manufacturers, without brand awareness, there is no rule of competition, the difficult move, although some users have been recognized, but also pay the price.