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What should we do when the font fades or appears white lines ?

Submitted by v4inktoner on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 08:04

Because we often need use printer in our office life, so we should know some simple reasons and treasures to fix the printer.

If the font fades or appears white lines, the problem is in the magnetic stick. If there is a pale print on the font or if there is a white line in the middle of some words, so first check on the magnetic stick powder. If it is powder filling, the common situation is that your newly-filled toner brand is not the same as the brand you originally used, and the toner of two different brands will affect each other and appear faded. The solution is to clean the original powder on the magnetic stick and then powder. It should be noted that when removing the dinosaur, care should be taken to protect the dynamite, because the drum core cannot see strong light, including sunlight and glare, and it is finally placed in a black bag for cleaning. Remember, don’t think “a world goes by,” because the current printer toner composition consists of a single group of powders (that is, the ingredient only includes one kind of raw material—carbon powder) and two sets of powder (ie, carbon powder+carrier), for example, Epson. Non-magnetic carbon powder is used, and Hewlett-Packard uses toner containing ferric oxide, which is not interchangeable at all.

Printer toner filling powder HP CF510A damage is the largest, the more the frequency of powder filling, cartridge printing quality is getting worse, generally when the filling of carbon powder more than 3 times, there will be some regular black spots, And this problem will be more and more serious with the increase in the number of prints, when the print is blurred or print a black mark, the cartridge is scrapped, and many people choose to replace the new TN760 toner. In fact, this scrap selenium is still available, but you need to repair it, and the main task of the repair is to replace the photosensitive drum and refill. In the process of replacing the photoconductor, the waste toner must be cleaned. It should be noted that the newly purchased photosensitive drum has a black anti-exposure seal that must not be torn off before installation to prevent exposure.