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What problems we will meet in the use of cartridge?

Submitted by v4inktoner on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 07:35

Every time you can not print things normally, almost the life of the drum to the end. In fact, we use a lot of places in the process is to pay attention to the need to pay attention to the place to take seriously and extend the life of the toner cf217a, then the supplies will not become "money."

First, the use of the drum environment General requirements are: temperature 10-33 degrees, relative humidity 20-80%, humidity is too high or too low will affect the print results.

Second, do not use wrinkles or paper with staples. Corrugated paper is likely to cause paper jams, and printing paper with staples may scratch the drum.

Third, do not turn the drum by hand without permission. If the direction of rotation is opposite to the direction of rotation at the time of printing, it may cause leakage or print fouling.

4, in the use of sulfuric acid paper printing, do not take the surface in the photosensitive drum smear the practice of silicone, which will seriously affect the life of the drum.

5, the use of appropriate print media: do not use incision missing, tear, wrinkle, curling, broken holes and staples of paper; too thick, excellent paper (especially business card paper) will soon wear Toner cartridges.

Photosensitive drum in the cartridge is very delicate, a little care will be damaged. So it can not be exposed to a long time in natural light or light, but can not touch or hard objects hit. Otherwise it will damage the surface of the photosensitive drum coating layer, thereby affecting the photographic properties.

It is best to clean the parts inside the tn660 toner compatible (absolutely not available to wash), especially the magnetic roller (Mag Roller) and cleaning roller (PCR) with alcohol clean. This will not only guarantee the print quality but also extend the life of the drum.

The most important thing is not in the wet weather or damp environment filling powder, encountered rainy days or relative humidity more than 70% is best not to fill powder, to know the toner in this environment can be in just a dozen Seconds quickly damp, resulting in print quality problems.