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Is it possible to disassemble the cartridge under the light?

Submitted by v4inktoner on Thu, 02/01/2018 - 21:16

There are a lot of people think that as long as the demolition of the toner hp cf217a when the toner can not let it see a little bit of light, in fact, this is the wrong way to understand, as long as there is no strong light can be removed, like a strong sun Light, light and other places. The basic structure of the hp toner cartridge is generally made of aluminum basic substrate, and the substrate coated with the photosensitive material. According to the different photosensitive materials, can be divided into three: OPC toner (organic light guide material), toner cartridges (Se selenium) and ceramic toner (a-si ceramic). Its characteristic components can be more perfect to cooperate with each other, to ensure consistent reliability. Reliable performance and easy to use, economical and easy to print. Easy installation and maintenance. Ultra-fine toner ensures ultra-clear black text and graphics. Cartridge disassembly is not carried out under strong light, because the surface of the toner core is a layer of non-toxic organic compounds with photosensitive properties, in the light by the light of the toner surface of the photosensitive properties will be aging, the surface potential decreased, Residual voltage increases, affecting the image of the cartridge, it will lead to light fatigue, it is not sensitive. Print out something will be fades, that is to say when you add powder in the light can not, such as the sun, light and so on under the operation! What is the trouble with the old toner cartridge? The so-called toner cartridge is an image forming member formed by a combination of a photoconductor unit, a developing unit, a toner storage unit, and the like, which is applied to a printer, a copying machine or the like of a photoelectric imaging system. Constitute a powder silo, waste toner box, photosensitive toner, developing roller, charging roller and some other supporting parts, etc., of which the powder warehouse is filled with toner containers. In essence, the user to use laser printing is actually the toner attached to the paper above, most of its print quality depends on the quality of toner, toner is equivalent to beer, and the powder warehouse is equivalent to the beer bottle. But the cartridge is not limited to the role of the container, as a whole component, which also bear the toner as required for transportation, development and other functions, so there are these supporting functional components. Therefore, the old cartridge not only includes the old container, but also includes the use of one or several cycles of functional components, which also decided that the old toner cartridges than the old beer bottle processing more complex.